Kate Phoenix

Kate illustration

Kate laughs like a Cockney and eats like a Viking; she's also the most creative person I know. Since 2013, she has been our stalwart figure in the digital realm, conjuring enchanting narratives and infusing quiet moments with a touch of serendipity.

Turning concepts into tangible brilliance, Kate's work embodies the spirit of creating enduring magic. Beyond the digital canvas, she adds a touch of rebellious creativity to every project, infusing it with a unique spark.

With an unwavering focus on detail, Kate channels inspiration from art and nature, meticulously sculpting visual identities that resonate authentically. Each element is thoughtfully crafted, ensuring it contributes to the unique stories that define your brand.

Collaborating with Kate means embarking on a journey where your ideas seamlessly merge with her digital expertise—resulting in a harmonious blend of creativity, functionality, and a nod to the unique stories that define your brand.

Mark Phoenix

Mark illustration

Kate: "Mark is a code robot and a semi-professional cat stroker. He also happens to my husband and the kindest person I know. To paint a picture, he smells of spearmint and sandalwood and makes cute noises when he brushes his teeth. An overshare? Probably. This is the internet after all.

Mark has been building websites since 2013 and professionally since 2015. He's a ninja with HTML, CSS and Javascript and can make very cool things happen on your website. Mark is committed to building websites that are accessible to all. He builds websites that are fast, intuitive to use and that work hard for your business.

He co-hosted the Relative Paths podcast, a successful web development podcast, for several years. If you're a developer you will probably find it interesting. However, to quote a friend, if you're not a developer it's a nice thing to listen to when you need to sleep."